How to avoid PORCH PIRATES this Holiday Season

How to avoid PORCH PIRATES this Holiday Season

What is a porch pirate? A porch pirate is someone who steals packages from an unsuspecting person’s front door. During this time of year with all of the gifts being ordered and sent through the mail Porch Pirates are in full swing.

Deliver Packages to your office 

Office delivery of packages
Mail delivery to office
  • If you are someone that does not work from home, like me, delivering a package to your office is the best bet to avoid the porch pirates. It kills two birds with one stone 1) You have the package safe and sound as they only deliver packages to offices during business hours and 2) The kids aren’t there to find the packages. When I was working in an office last year, I always wrapped them before even coming home so no one could see; not even my sister! If you don’t work in an office, but have a family or friend that does,ask if they can be delivered there!

Have a Neighbor pick them up for you

coming together
Neighbors coming together
  • If you know you are going to be away from home for a while, have your neighbor keep an eye out for them and bring them inside for you. This is key if you live in a neighborhood or an apartment building! Neighbors can be very helpful in keeping the crazy porch pirates away from your packages. Nothing brings a community together like having each others backs!

Ring Doorbell 

Ring doorbell video camera
Ring Doorbell works with Alexa
  • Time and time again I hear that people keep catching porch pirates trying to walk away with their presents. But they were caught almost immediately because the way the RING doorbell works is the second the doorbell senses motion, its starts recording and notifies you that there is someone at your door. So if someone does walk up to see what you have on our front door/porch they will be caught in the act and can either leave the packages there, or deal with the police!

There is nothing more important than keeping your family and your belongings safe this holiday season. Another helpful tip for after Christmas is that when all of the kids have unwrapped everything is to not leave empty boxes outside your trash can or on the side of the street. Either bag them up or put them in your car and bring them to a dumpster. Leaving your trash out makes it easier for thieves to hop for the things they want for Christmas. We hope this helps!

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Life Twinning!

Life Twinning!

Life Twinning

What Life Twinning means to us:

Life Twinning is a page about two twin single moms, that happen to be twin sister living life together in a full house sort of way. We are both 28 years old, I have an 11 month old daughter named Teagan, Tiffany has a 7 year old (seems like going on 17). We’ve gone through everything together: from the death of our parents (we lost our dad when we were 9 to a heart attack, and our mom when we were 26 to Cancer) to dealing with our children and “deadbeat dads” this blog is mainly about our life journey.

From newborns to elementary school aged we’ve been experiencing it all. Teagan’s first word was “momma” and now the only time you hear it is when she is upset or wants your attention. Not even a year old and can already tug on those heart strings. Olivia, being seven is going through a childhood that is much different than our own. From growing up on a 20-acre ranch in the greater New-Orleans area we used to

We’ve gone from having 9-5 careers in respected fields to deciding to go out on our own with our own company Twinning Pros. Twinning Pro’s is essentially a marketing company that assists companies with their needs. Namely their Social Media Marketing, while also accommodating in the “Virtual Assistant” world as well.  

Just two sisters trying to make their living, making a life. Together till the end. Twinning Style.