It’s that time of year: the tree is up, the stockings are hung. I bet there may even be some gifts underneath the Christmas tree. The only thing missing is a little Holiday music, and you and the little ones filling out your Christmas wish list together!

As a kid, We would pick out every thing under the sun to put on our Christmas list. I mean it would take hours and hours to figure out everything that we could have ever wanted (Who doesn’t love to have two times the amount of everything). Now, with us being on the receiving end of the list – we’ve decided to simplify it. With us all traveling over the holiday it makes it easier to get down to the necessities.

There is nothing sweeter than sitting down as a family and speaking about all of the things they hope and dream of. My Santa wish list is simple. It breaks it down into four parts. Something they want, something they need, Something to wear, and something to read. This list helps out not only us, but for all of close friends and family to see what they really need for Christmas.

The importance of Christmas is not to get wrapped up into all of the presents. It is to spend time with family and loved ones. Sharing the joy of Christmas is why we made this a free download.  We hope that you have as much fun filling out this with your little ones as we have with ours!

Free Download 

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