Hey guys!

Family Beach time!

Now that the first day of Spring is here., you know what that means?! SPRING BREAK is upon us! Everyone loves this time of year because that one week off means one full week of FAMILY Vacation! With that in mind we have just a few helpful tips to keep in mind when going into the world of Vacation Rentals. With me and Tiff being in the industry for years, we can give you a bit of insider knowledge. You all know that Tiff, the kids, and I will be spending our lovely holiday on the prettiest white sandy beaches of the emerald coast in Destin, FL., but these Vacation Rental tips are helpful for any vacation rental.

Vacation Rental tip #1:

Check-in and check-out times:

Check in time is 4:00 p.m. and check out time is 10:00 a.m.  – Y’all when companies say check-in times are 4:00 they really do mean 4:00. For any successful vacation rental in the area, they are pretty much all booked up. Which means, the previous guests departed at 10:00 a.m. (if they weren’t dragging their feet stressing everyone in guest services and housekeeping out.)

*Insider tip, most companies have the ability to charge you for a half of a day if you are not out of their rental by 10:00 a.m. If you think you are just going to ignore their phone calls, and hang by the pool – you will get charged, and the person that comes behind you will have to suffer by getting into their rental late.

Vacation Rental tip #2:

Calling ahead:

Vacation rentals thrive on their customer service team, and they will do everything in their power to get you into your unit as fast as they can. One thing to remember is: they have so many rentals to get to, and depending on how bad the previous guests left the unit depends on how much cleaning is going to be involved. So, when the front desk says call us when you get into town and we will let you know your rental is ready – they mean that. Call ONCE, ad get the job done – call multiple times and you aren’t getting into your rental until 4:00.

Vacation Rental tip #3:

Getting your groceries:

Grocery Shopping on Vacation

Absolutely by no means get your groceries as soon as you get into town. You all know that the grocery stores are going to be slammed with people come the afternoon, but that doesn’t mean get your groceries early and you can just put them in the fridge in the rental. Time and time again I have seen it where people either snuck into their unit behind a housekeeper or and inspector and their groceries got thrown away: or people bought their groceries early and they went bad while waiting on getting into their unit until 4:00. Both ways left the guests extremely infuriated, and it is just not a way that any guest wants to start of their vacation. Instead, why don’t you do a curbside pickup which is available with grocery stores in your area. You can pay ahead and schedule a pick-up time for 5:00. Avoiding the lines, and avoiding the frustration of groceries gone bad!

Vacation Rental tip #4:

Do something fun

Enjoying Family Vacation

Many people start their vacation by sitting at the front desk, most likely harassing the 20 something year old that has no control over getting you into your unit, and just being miserable when you have so many opportunities at your finger tips: Go to the beach or pool, The best part about your resort is that they will let you use your amenities the day of arrival. Your room isn’t ready until 4:00? No problem! Go hang by the beach or pool until 4:00 comes. Want to go somewhere that has air-conditioning so you aren’t out in the heat until late afternoon? How about going ahead and getting those souveniers from the souvenier shop down the road that you know you already are going to have to spend half a day in down the road anyways. Or how about going to do the touristy things such as scuba diving, fishing, or dolphin tours! This is the perfect place to kill a couple of hours while waiting on your rental. Go have some fun with the fam and by the time your unit is ready you will be off the boat with the fam, loving the start of your vacation.

Vacation Rental tip #5:

Missing amenities

Please be sure to call ahead, or read your arrival instructions to see what you are going to need to bring with you or buy when you get there. It is from my experience that most rentals are not equipped with beach towels or hair dryers, and there are specific cooking items that may not be required to keep as well. Also, you are usually only equipped with a starter kit including trash bags, toilet paper, and paper towels. So I recommend just giving a shout or shooting over a message to your friendly vacation rental company staff to see what you might need to add to the grocery list!

Vacation Rental tip #6:

Follow the rules:

You may think this is a simple one to follow, but for most people its not. Each rental is based on a property that has their own Home Owners Association rules to follow. If a rental states that no one under the age of 25 should be renting the property without the accompanying of a parent, they mean that. Most properties these days have video surveillance lurking around all common areas of the resort, for your own protection, and theirs. So they can see if a parent checks in to the unit, leaves, and then comes along twenty 18 year olds ready to party. More likely than not, they will be kicked out before the night is over.

*Something to keep in mind* The place that you are renting is worth a couple hundred thousand, if not millions of dollars, so unless you have enough money to pay the owner in full for wrecking their property; it is probably best to follow the rules.

Vacation Rental tip #7:

Most importantly, Have fun!

While on vacation the second something doesn’t go the way you have hoped – it is easy to get discouraged, but just remember that you are there to have fun with friends and family. Let that be the ultimate goal, relax and enjoy the time that you have earned off away from work or school and just relish in the fact that you are in a beautiful place with the people you love!

We hope these Life Twinningtips may help you when planning your next vacation! If you are thinking of heading to the Emerald Coast and are not sure where to stay: Give us a shout! We are more than happy to send you over to one of our friends on the Emerald Coast!